Will crush terrorism for peace: Muslim Army Chiefs

Will crush terrorism for peace: Muslim Army Chiefs


RIYADH: Military Chiefs of Muslims Coalition vowed that they will dry up resources of terrorist groups fighting against Muslims.

Military Chiefs and representatives of 39 Muslim countries met for the first time after the Muslim Coalition between 34 countries was formed.

Saudi Military spokesperson Brig. General Ahmed Assiri stated that, “ideological, media, financial and military” aspects of combat against terrorism were discussed during the meeting.

Out of the 39 countries present in the meeting only 34 are a part of the coalition but this partcipation “sends a strong message on the importance and nature of this alliance”, he added, “ISIS (is) recreating (image for) Muslims and Arabs to put them in confrontation with the world.”

“Today’s meeting is to put the foundation stone for the coalition,” he added that, meeting “is about proposed initiatives. Today we did not discuss any individual cases.”

News Courtesy: The News Tribe

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