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Content Management System

Content Management Systems are used to run websites that require frequent updates such as blogs, e-commerce platforms, and news. Our organization works perfectly with communicating, modifying and maintaining relevant content on the website interface. We make sure to build a system that works without any interruptions. A good Content Management System works as a storehouse containing important data including documents, pictures, phone numbers, movies, etc. The program helps facilitate the accumulation, amendments, management, and publishing of all such information.


Design & Development

With a brilliant and reputed team in web development, mh9’s first impression on its clients is always strong. We give our best to develop a virtual setup for your workspace. We put together the right combination of aesthetics and convenience for the developed website and we try to capture the attention of the visitor and the client in order to generate profitable activities. Our team is experienced in developing world-class websites and web-applications. We make sure that all important web and media elements are integrated into your design in order to grasp visitors’ interest. We like to present relevant information to the visitors with flawless functionality.


Business Support Services

Business Process Outsourcing

mh9 solutions provides customized BPO solutions to a variety of commercial sectors. From Call Centre operations to Logistics Services and from turnkey Project Management to Foreign Investors Business Support services, our team can handle small to large operations. We can arrange meetings, office space, IT solutions, hot desking options as well as vehicles, accommodation, manpower, etc. Please contact info@mh9.biz for all your requirements for cost effective and efficient business support services.

Managed Services

mh9 solutions maintains a business unit specializing in Project Management. Our team has diverse skills in a variety of industries – this experience and expertise is now available to our clients. Maintaining business objectives and stakeholder expectations in economically trying times is a challenge; by outsourcing key projects and processes to mh9 solutions, you will have the satisfaction of professional, on time, result oriented services at a fraction of the cost of hiring a foreign Consultant.

Whether it’s Change Management, Back Office support, Business Process Improvement, Operations and Maintenance or a temporary project needing world class expertise, you can count on mh9 solutions to provide you with all the tools and resources to meet your goals.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Organizations need to survive in a cut throat environment to succeed. In uncertain times as these, sustainable business practices are needed for long term success. To counter the uncertainty prevalent that has a direct effect on people, companies, societies, Governments, etc. having an efficient Risk Management function is getting more and more important. As a business, it is critical that you know your hazards, threats and also opportunities. mh9 solutions is Pakistan’s premier Risk Management Consultancy, specializing in ‘Operational Risk’. We have Pakistan’s only Internationally Certified Professional Risk Manager. Our award winning team can put together winning strategies to make sure you not only survive through crises, emergencies, setbacks, etc. but actually lead from the front and set an example for all to follow. mh9 solutions provides bespoke end to end services for Clients looking to develop, enhance or outsource their Risk Management function. We provide training, consultancy and project management services in our Risk department. Other services and training topics include:

» Hazard Identification and Control

» Risk Assessments and Audits

» Developing a Risk Register

» Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

» Risk Mitigation Strategies

Please contact salman.tariq@mh9.biz if you would like more information on our Risk Management portfolio. Salman is widely regarded as Pakistan’s number one Risk Management expert. He can also be reached on cell number +92 302 8561171.

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail “ – Benjamin Franklin

HR Services

» Third party manpower

» Payroll

» Recruitment

» Training

» OD services

Crisis Management

mh9 solutions provide global level Consultancy on developing customized Crisis Management Plans. We also specialize in training and drills and can conduct exercises and full-scale simulations with varied interventions and scenario analysis. For a detailed evaluation of your possible requirements in this area please contact:

  • info@mh9.biz

24/7 on-call Crisis Support is available for all clients.

  • +92 302 8561171

Business Continuity Planning

Due to the uncertain environment, we live in, Organizations are facing challenges that were never thought important. Developing business resilience is essential for all Organizations to counter any eventualities that may happen during normal operations. Disruptions may occur due to loss of utilities, natural disasters, civil riots, terrorism, etc. Please contact our award winning team on Business Continuity Management for a free discussion and evaluation at:

  • info@mh9.biz

Occupational Health, Safety & Environment

One of the core specialty areas of mh9 solutions is Occupational Health and Safety. We believe that numerous benefits accrue to an organization by providing a safe and healthy work environment to employees. mh9 being well-reputed consultants focuses on the following vital segments:

» Occupational Hygiene

» Occupational Health and Safety

» Environmental Management Programs

» Related Training programs

» Management Projects and Audits

In Trainings – some of the basic topics that we cover are:

» Fire Training

» First Aid

» EFR Certified First Aid

» First Responder/Warden Training

» Conducting Risk Assessments

» Identifying Hazards

» Workplace Safety

» Electrical Safety

» Emergency Planning & Response

» Confined Space Awareness & Safety

» Hazmat Awareness

» DSE/VDU Assessment and Safety

» Health & Safety Awareness

» Manual Handling

For staff awareness sessions the following topics are covered

» No Smoking Campaigns

» Medical Camps – Cholesterol Checking, Blood Pressure Camps.

» Accident Prevention

» Allergies

» Diabetes Awareness

» Heart Camps

» AIDS Awareness


IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely Course is designed for beginners and give the knowledge and tools to tackle the health and safety issues they’re responsible for. Importantly – IOSH Managing Safely Course brings home why health and safety is such an essential part of their job.

Eight interactive modules:

» Introducing managing safely

» Assessing risks

» Controlling risks

» Understanding your responsibilities

» Identifying hazards

» Investigating accidents and incidents

» Measuring performance

» End of Course assessments:

» A multiple-format assessment paper

» A risk assessment based project

» When you pass both, you’ll be awarded an IOSH certificate.

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) training course is the UK’s most popular and accessible course for anyone requiring Health and Safety Training. This course is intended for those in supervisory and managerial positions in all types of organisations. This course will provide you with the knowledge to manage safely and effectively in compliance with both your organisation’s policy and best practice in Health and Safety.

Apply basic management principles and practices to safety and health issues as part of a total management strategy. Set achievable safety and health objectives and plan and implement courses of action to achieve those objectives. Recognize safety and health hazards present in the workplace. Carry out and record basic assessments of the risks associated with workplace hazards, and recommend suitable control measures.

Take account of risks arising from ergonomic factors. Ensure that adequate information, training and supervision are provided for employees. Investigate an accident or incident involving injury or damage to determine the causes and take appropriate actions.

This is a flexible course for managers and supervisors in any sector, and any organization. IOSH Managing Safely Course in Islamabad brings managers up to speed on the practical actions they need to take to handle health and safety in their teams. mh9 solutions offers the IOSH Managing Safely with the best experienced and qualified trainers.