Case Studies

After facing a series of losses due to unforeseen events, a major telecommunication company hired mh9 solutions to develop a Business Continuity Plan and train the senior leadership team in Crisis Management.  This led to increased confidence and awareness on the skills required by leaders during a crisis.

When moving to new offices in Karachi, an international bank hired mh9 solutions to conduct a Safety and Security audit so it could take preventive measures in safeguarding it’s investment.

After suffering losses and reputation damage, a large pharmaceutical company hired mh9 solutions to track down, investigate and prosecute counterfeit drug manufacturers and suppliers.  The project continued for 2 years and mh9 solutions busted the entire chain and prosecuted a number of criminals who were involved in manufacturing and supplying counterfeit medicines and cosmetics to markets in Punjab and KP provinces.

An international Aviation company hired the services of mh9 solutions to manage it’s recruitment and training of key personnel, ultimately sending them from Pakistan to Dubai.  These personnel included Engineers, Technicians and Cabin Crew.

An European automobile manufacturer hired mh9 solutions to provide Executive Protection Services to it’s key personnel visiting Pakistan from Germany.  End to end hand holding services were provided, including accommodation, transport, logistics and business support services.