Security Headlines

Militants Killed
28th April


Two suspected militants were killed and another was wounded in an operation carried out by security forces in the mountainous area of Prome in Panjgur district. A helicopter provided cover to the forces conducting the operation. According to sources, an intelligence agency informed security forces about the existence in Kanti Klug area of a camp being run by the banned Baloch Republican Army. Security forces started the operation which led to a gun battle between troops and militants, an official said.

Landmine Blast
28th April


Three people were killed in a landmine blast in Goth Phullo Bugti area of Sohbatpur evening. According to police officials, unidentified men planted a landmine along the road side that went off when it was hit by a tractor. `With a big bang, the tractor blew up and its driver and two others travelling on it were killed, ` they said. The bodies were taken to the district hospital where the deceased were identified as Mohammad Mir, Bilu Bugti and Dangla Bugti. No one claimed responsibility for the explosion.

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